Without Feeling Confused And Overwhelmed

If you are in a position (by force or by choice) where you are working from a remote location, you would agree…the transition was NOT easy. Working from home might sound interesting and liberating, and at first…it is. Once the reality finally sets in, you may suddenly feel loss of connection and out of control. You feel stressed, work feels scattered, and it becomes difficult to manage all of the moving pieces of your now “remixed” life.

The simple answer is, you can. The more complicated answer is,everyone manages change differently. What comes easily and naturally to some, doesn’t for others…some people need to create systems and structure to help them be successful in a remote work environment. For many people, this drastic change could send them in a complete tailspin down a dark hole…If that’s you…here’s the solution to your problem!

This comprehensive online training program is jam-packed with actionable tips, techniques, and proven strategies you need to confidently execute your expertise as an Executive Assistant (EA), in the office, at home, at the kitchen table, or with your feet kicked up on the beach!

It covers everything from preparing yourself mentally for the transitionto mastering the right toolsyou need to smooth out your transition.

Withinjust a few short weeks you’ll see, remote workdoesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful. After taking this course, and falling in love with working remotely, getting you back in the office may be a challenge (so start creating that wish list of demands).

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Meet the OfficeRockstar
Coach & Trainer,

Debbie has dedicated herself to serving as an administrative professional and executive assistant. She has changed the lives of her managers, executives, and those she has coached and mentored. Debbie is an advocate, teacher, and speaker with over 30 years of experience in the administrative profession. As the former Chief Executive Assistant to the CEO of Cisco, a Fortune 500 company based in Silicon Valley, she increased her CEO’s productivity by 40%.

Early in her career, she realized she had a knack for connecting the dots. She tapped into her intuition and built the courage to take risks that would take her role — her executive and her company — to the next level. As the Chief Executive Assistant, she designed career development training, recognition programs and oversaw over 1,000 assistants across the globe. She is most proud of receiving the Colleen Barrett Award, which is the highest recognition given for administrative excellence by the Admin Awards of Silicon Valley.

As a result of the recent pandemic, Debbie has created an online training program specifically designed to help administrative professionals in all industries tackle this challengeof transitioning to remote work successfully.

Even better…

With her experience and knowledge, she will not only help make your transition from in-office to remote smoother, but she will also help you become a Virtual Office Rockstar! As an administrative professional, there are times when you may feel undervalued or invisible. Debbie’s clients and students are people who want to improve themselves, so they can change their careers for the better…becoming a TRUE strategic business partner!

How can Debbie help me be great when
working from home has so
many distractions?

Transitioning to remote workisn’t easy, regardless of your role. However, with a clear plan, path, and partner…you will get there! Ask yourself this…

Are you just winging it?

Just hoping and praying everything will work out, eventually?
If you’re just “winging it,” don’t feel bad. You’re not alone.Many people are doing the same; they are in reactive mode. That will only work for so long before you hit a wall.

Between emails, texts, meeting requests, calendars to manage, management demands and so many other things coming at you, it can become extremely challenging. That’s why you’re going to need a clear plan and a partner in this journey! This is exactly what you get when working with Debbie,so get started TODAY!

1. Mindset: It’s the foundation for everything moving forward
2. Communication: Staying connected while working remotely is vitally important
3. Establishing Boundaries: Let’s face it…the environment matters and you need to set it up for success
4. Tech and Tools: Every success begins with the right set of tools

The Executive Assistant’s Guide to
Going Remote is what’s NOW,
and it’s what’s NEXT
for EAs and AAs!

One of the greatest benefits of being an administrative professional is that you can work in just about any industry! Your skills are highly transferable from one industry to the next…and the same can be true from one environment to the next.

Sign Up for The Executive Assistant’s
Guide to Going Remote for the LIMITED
time launch price of Only $197

On top of preparing you to go from an in-office to a remote working environment, completing this course sets you up for success in any administrative position, immediately! You’ll also have lifetime access to the training material, as well as our exclusive closed group community where you can share tips and best practices.

The number one reason for developing this program was originally to support current Office Rockstar clients, that were asking for tips and training courses that could teach them how to navigate the sudden and abrupt shift in their day-to-day operations.EAs and AAs do more thananswering phones and calendaring. So we designed this program based on their feedback and decided to share it with the entire EA and AA community…that’s YOU!

The program will be delivered in an online course format, which means you can access it anytime from the comfort of your home. Yes, unlike an in-person training, you can access it over and over again… and follow the training at the pace you feel comfortable with.

Even if you only implemented ONE technique of all, you’re going to learn… and that one technique saves you from all the headaches of working remotely…

Would you agree, that’s a REAL BARGAIN?! For many EAs who really want or need to start working remotely, that peace of mind would be priceless! The lesson that Debbie is going to teach you WILL work for you, if you WORK IT!

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